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With over 20 years online, we've been in online advertising as long as there's been online advertising. Our experienced advertising team knows what works for small business, and what's simply a flashy waste of your advertising dollar.


Unlike general-purpose search engines, people use our site for one express reason - they're ready to buy, and looking for a business to buy from. A billion of them.


Sure, there other Yellow Pages sites out there, but YPI offers the best ROI in the market. At less than 10% the cost of a typical package of some other sites, YPI can offer your business our expansive reach, and direct daily feeds into every major search engine, worldwide.

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Leapfrog your competition with our Enhanced Listing Products.
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YPI Advertising Packages

BASIC LISTING - $10 / year
Your company's listing appears in alphabetical order in search results, both in name search results and under applicable business categories.

BOLD LISTING - $179 / year
In addition to basic listing features, your company's listing is presented above all basic listings in search results, and bolded for greater impact.

PRIORITY LISTING - $229 / year
Your company's listing is displayed in eye-catching red and appears before all Basic and Bold listings.

LOGO LISTING - $299 / year
Incorporate you company logo into your listing with this enhancement. Appearing before Priority, Bold, and Basic Listings, this product displays your company logo up to a maximum resolution of 100x100 pixels.

BANNER LISTING - $549 / year
The ultimate in Enhancements, Banner Listing are displayed before all other products and allows you to incorporate your logo or even a printed directory style ad up to 500x100 pixels in resolution.

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